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Congratulations to Chris Johnson! 2023 Putting Channel’s Putter of the Year!

Chris had an amazing 2023 season. When Chris is not playing on the Latin American PGA Tour and doing other PGA Tour qualifying events, he is dominating the competitive putting world.  He led in points on the two most lucrative putting tours in the world, the “World Putting Tour” at Putting World and the “PopStroke Tour Series.” Those two tours had the highest prize money available, and Chris definitely got his fair share. He then capped off the year with a phenomenal first place finish at the “PopStroke Tour Championship” in Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s squeaked out a victory against 2023 Player of the Year runner up, Gary Hester, in the race to the points singles event. He then took somewhat of the victory lap at the 2023 National Putting Tour Championship fishing 3rd out of 32 players. Chris is a model of consistency in competitive putting. His game transfers over onto any surface. Once again, congratulations to one of the greatest putters of all time, Chris Johnson, for winning the 2023 PuttingChannel.com putter of the year!

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