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WPT Tour & Final News for 2024

We have some news coming out of Scottsdale, AZ in regard to the World Putting Tour. The most competitive putting tour on the planet is coming back in 2024. Their big $100,000 final that was originally supposed to be in December of 2023, then Feb. 3rd & 4th of 2024. This tournament has now been moved to mid to late March and will not conflict with the National Putting Tour event scheduled for March 2nd in Queen Creek, AZ. (Event #46 – Tour de PuttTek Putting Showdown)
I have had a lot of people contact me about whether or not I thought this tournament was actually going to happen. I think it will. One reason I say that is that they have changed the Feb. 3rd and 4th tournament to a regular $30,000 prize pool tournament. I feel like that is a good sign in that they still want to throw big money tournaments.
What the buy in price will be, what the yearly membership cost will be, etc… I do not know at this juncture. It does sound like they are going to do a tour of some kind. I know that one of the guys at Putting World was mentioning that in 2024 at some point they might do tournaments every 2 months for a $50,000 purse. We will see what happens.
They are also working on a new website that looks pretty cool. It is not done but you can see most of the site. You can check this out by clicking on the button below:

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